Voor het technisch uitwerken van uw ontwerp

Robert Visser

Getting down to work. Dedicated. Those are a couple of typical characteristics of engineer R. (Robert) Visser, who has been active since 1998 within the Pieters Group. As an architect, he has also been structurally schooled. He is the Branch Manager of Pieters Projectbureau in Haarlem.

What makes him enthusiastic? The combination of architecture and structure. Making a refined design from an architect feasible. The realization of new business complexes. And the supervision of projects all the way from initiative to completion. Like in the covered transshipment terminal at the Waterland Terminal in Amsterdam.

His technical knowledge is extensive. It ranges from house construction to the building of public utilities, from storage and transshipment installations to environmental permitting and from fire safety to investment estimations. He is an expert in the field of industrial projects, including production companies for concrete and asphalt, distribution centres and installations for waste processing.

The fact that the results of his efforts are still tangible years after their completion gives Robert a great deal of satisfaction. Teams, whose composition vary from project to project, keep the work interesting and multi-faceted—different enthusiastic clients, architects, colleague advisers, public officials, contractors, suppliers and users for each project.

With his open attitude, Robert can easily put himself in the position of the client. ‘He thinks in the interests of the client's wallet,’ a client once said. And that is a huge compliment.

rvisser@pieters.net www.linkedin.com